Pool Designs

With us today is the evolution of swimming pool designs and construction that involve a variety of options within landscaping generally.

Firstly pool paving and surrounds gives character to your swimming pool, whilst allowing the surrounding pool entertainment area to look appealing and modern.

A selection of coping and pool bullnosing, spas and saunas, treads and risers, wall and pier capping, cladding, garden edging and a variety of replica stone edges are all options we will offer our customers.

Pool pavers come in different colors and styles and palatial landscapes have the most modern pool paving range on offer.

Clay pavers include a selection of pool coping offer a natural finish whilst concrete pool pavers offer a different look and appeal.

Rockeries of different styles complimented with a range of landscaping plants and water features always gives your swimming pool charm and ambience.

The use of tropical palms as a pool backdrop is often very effective.